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Medipevo - Praktický lékař Praha 8 Palmovka - kvalitní zdravotní péče

General Practiotioner's Office Prague 8 Dr.Made Chamrádová, Ph.D.

Just a few steps from Palmovka metro station, Poliklinika Palmovka
Zenklova 22, Prague 8

Welcome to our general practitioner‘ s office for adult. We provide standard curative – preventive care and above-standard paid services. We use tho most modern technology in the field if medical facilities. We perform occupational medical examinations for employers and work together with other doctors in the building and elsewhere.

We are accepting new patients


We are introducing new online services for our patients, which will allow our patients to order online and after logging in also use other services, especially a simpler way of communicating with doctor’s office (instead of email and phone). To log into this system, you must have your contact email stored in the doctor’s information system.

For reservation of a doctor’s visit, please fill in the form and choose from the available time slots, the system will send you feedback about the reservation to your email.

We accept new pacients - we have contracts with all insurance companies

Registration form - registration request

Please fill in the form so we can get the important information necessary for your registration.
Afterwards, please use the online reservation systém to book your first appointment for the entrance examination (general check up).

    We offer standard medical care services related to common acute and chronic diseases, especially patients with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, diabetes, obesity and disorders of fat metabolism. There is a close follow-up to the specialized care of specialist doctors of all specialties, preventive and dispensary examinations. The aim would be a comprehensive examination to assess the overall state of health, evaluation of possible risks with a proposal for measures and therapy, preventive search for risks of civilization and cancer diseases.

    Ensuring the necessary instrumental examinations, sampling of blood, urine and other biological material with its further laboratory processing directly on the premises of the medical facility. Basic preoperative examination. Examination of drivers of motor vehicles, holders of weapons,professional licenses, occupational medical examinations, etc.

    Our contracted insurance companies are:

    111 Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna

    201 Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna

    205 Průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna

    207 Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna

    209 Zaměstnanecká poj. ŠKODA

    211 Zdravotní pojišťovna MV

    213 Revírní bratrská zdr. pojišťovna


    Price list of services not covered by health insurance

    You can find the price list of services not covered by the health insurance under the link below. These are for example, reports and confirmations at the patient’s request, some vaccinations, or examinations of self-payers without health insurance.

    Consultation time

    Monday07:00 – 15:00      (07:00 – 09:00 reservation only)
    Tuesday07:00 – 15:00      (07:00 – 09:00 reservation only)
    Wednesday11:00 – 18:00        (11:00 – 12:00 reservation only)
    Thursday07:00 – 15:00      (07:00 – 09:00 reservation only)
    Friday08:00 – 12:00


    You can find us near Palmovka metro station.

    Address: Dr. Made Chamrádová, Ph.D., Zenklova 22, Prague 8, 190 00

    Email: info@medipevo.cz

    Phone: +420 735 127 506

    To order use the order form

    Use the registration form to register

    How to get here?


    Zenklova 340/22 180 00 Prague 8-Libeň

    – Metro line B, Palmovka station, choose exit Zenklova ulice
    – By bus No. 109, 140 185, 302, to metro B – station Palmovka
    – Trams 1, 3, 8, 10, 12, 16 a 25 to metro B – station Palmovka

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